Pogliaghi by Basso

Nov 05 2015


I bought some new Pogliaghi shoes on a hot Nashbar Clearance deal and wondered about who manufactured them. The answer is Basso. I think the shoes have been discontinued, but they now also make frames, bars, stems and seatposts.

I can’t really speak on the quality of the frames, I can tell you the tubing is MANESMANN cro-moly. Manessman is a German Steel company that supplied steel for Oria tubes. You see Oria used in Pinarellos, Torellis, Giordanas etc.

“Alcide Basso acquired the brand Pogliahi Italcorse Milano in 1993. Mr. Sante Pogliaghi saw in the young but already experienced frame maker his natural follower. He passed to Alcide his designs, his special made lugs and seals, the beautiful fork crowns and brake bridges. Those were the years of the development of carbon frames and just few appreciated the characteristics of steel frames. This legacy has been preserved by Alcide Basso until today, when at last many are rediscovering the noble material such as steel frames.

The idea of Alcide Basso is to maintain the same philosophy of Sante Pogliaghi: to propose not only custom bikes, but to offer bikes which are “sewn on”.

Pogliaghi made by Basso holds the legacy of an amazing story created by the genius of a man. Whoever owns a Pogliaghi made by Basso owns not only a maniacally cared bicycle, but a bike that brings all the charm of taking a ride in the history of cycling.”


Though I would like a maniacally cared bicycle the “charm of taking a ride in the history of cycling” doesn’t seem aggro enough. I don’t think there’s any part of my bike riding I’d describe as charming. The price is $1600 US for a frame.

This isn’t a bad review or anything, I just really couldn’t have an opinion on this unless I rode it.

Yes there’s a track bike, it is leaning back. I can’t find the price for it, but you’d think like $1200.

I don’t know if you can get any of this custom either, on the website it just lists 3 colors. They have an email, I’m sure you could ask them:

Who builds the frames?
Where are the frames built?