GS Status Check

Nov 04 2015


Might have to hit 120mi to make the top 10 this week

-Thue has logged 95 miles already, besides that top 10 is hovering around 50+miles logged, really could go anyway at this point…

-Will Thue continue his early mileage domination or will somebody come in from the side with a 100 mile ride?

-Exciting times on the GS planet.

-Wait is Oakland Andrew at 85 unlogged miles? He would be in the number 2 spot.

-You know betting is illegal, but who would you bet on? Thue? Adam S? Last week’s champ Kristin? An unknown, new rider? Fergus L?

(Hey it looks like Fergus L took the top spot last week with a late logged ride. He hit 197mi. He’s sitting right below the top 10 at 47miles now.)