New York

Nov 02 2015




(the drawing of the Futurama dude is cool, but that big ass piece of white reflective is cooler. I don’t know if other cities are down with that. The yellow numbers they stick in the asphalt are removed from the street and properly stuck to your bike or your bag to let fools know. Remember how those X-Men dudes would cover themselves in all the body armor and pads, then stick the yellow numbers all over everything? So rugged. I never saw someone with a chunk of the white stuff, I like the style. I found an unused sheet of the yellow numbers once still on the paper. That was a major come-up. Its good protection for your bike too, I had yellow numbers, a Mexican Virgin Mary sticker, reflective Hare Krishna and an IRAK sticker on my work bike. I figured that covered a lot of bases. Never got killed on it, never stolen and the frame survived, you tell me that stuff doesn’t work.)