Landlords Classics Nov. 2010

Nov 02 2015

November 2010 Post about Alphanumeric pagers.
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“I couldn’t find the Time Cycle one with the big display but here’s some classics from the era of cheap alphanumeric pagers.
I still get the Phantom Vibrate….

Update:For one of my jobs I had to find stores that still sold pagers. The job became much harder after 2005- what used to be an easy stop on St. Marks turned into a frustrating search through the Lower Lower East Side. No one could understand why I wasn’t buying a cell phone, I had to explain that the pagers were for messenger work, and I still would get perplexed looks. “Yo but why don’t you just buy a Sprint?”

When you bought a pager you’d typically buy a one year service plan to go with it. At one point we had a pager service company shutdown completely without notice during the work day. The dispatcher was flipping because he thought we were ignoring him. They folded, went bankrupt whatever, we were probably one of their only customers left at that point, and they just said fuck it. I’m sure he was sending out eight million “911” pages like, “Where are these slacker assholes, I have a hundred jobs, customers are calling, what the fuck?!” all angry and hungover from a night of gambling, cocaine, alcohol,and punk rock. He got to work from home, that dude would still be in bed with a blanket over his mouth trying to yell at us over a payphone, fuck you dude. Naw its cool. He was ok. Dispatchers have to be high strung, if they were laid back no one would ever work.

One other pager related story, our popular friend had the service where you could call an operator in Indiana 24 hours a day and dictate the text you’d want to page. It was a favorite past time to call the operator at 4:30am at the after party and try to get her to type the most outrageous stuff. it was usually the same woman, must have been fun for her right? Can you please type “The body is in the trunk and the package is in the glovebox.” Har Har. Real comic geniuses. Good times. I swear it was funnier with 10 lifted people crammed in a smoky 15×12 living room with the sun about to come out.