GS Week

Nov 01 2015



Things got a little dicier this week.
Kristin at West River Cycles is distance Boss with 176mi, entry level is 155mi
Elevation capped out a little lower this week-just under 12k for Aaron M and Adam S.
No majorly long rides this week 55-64mi with Matt K on top again.
Lowest mileage for top 10 this week was 93-It looks to comfortably get in now you must do over 100 miles.

Please send in flicks of your rides-Thanks! (Where’s the MTB pictures in the woods?)

(I cheesed myself out of a long ride spot by getting to hype with my on/off button. Here’s my route because I know you care:)

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 8.58.25 PM

No mountains to speak of in the immediate area so if you want elevation you must hit many hills. This was about 3700ft. I’m going to do a similar ride next Sunday if anyone wants to try it out.

Looks good for us, how about for you?