Manayunk Bridge

Oct 30 2015




I only had an hour to check this out, its a really cool addition to the infrastructure. Thanks Bike Coalition and local politicians. (Hey do you know our soon to be former mayor’s wife races track at T-Town?)

I had no idea where to get on it. Had to go up and behind Umbria to spot the entrance.

Ride down main street, right on Leverington, then the first right.

Bike lane is clearly marked, pedestrians all over it.

You can blast that shit from the bala train station homie. Type fast in the drops. I’m forecasting really fast times in the future.

I’ll write more later. I got shit to do in life too ass holes. It starts out something like “As i crossed over Ridge and onto Main Street I noticed a steadily growing procession of recumbents and comfort bikes rolling across the sidewalks and street. I got closer, many old men on English road bikes nodded at me…”

manayunkbridge copy
(I’ll just leave this here. Just so you can destroy it.)