Finally.Now You Can Build Up That Touring Frame.

Oct 29 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 8.36.10 AM

“Winter Project bro.” duh. I hate winter projects. What are you doing all winter-attaching one component a week? Better polish up your pitted chrome for a week dude.

I’m into 5 year projects. I buy something, do nothing to it, let it collect dust and then remember it 5 years later and think about maybe doing something. Then I do something else better instead.

Hey anyone want a 1974 Carlton Raleigh Super Course MKII? Good winter project. Reynolds pipeage. Just need cranks, cables, tires, and some better handle bars because the stock ones suck. Really shiny, pitted chrome. You should probably buy a Brooks for it. That’s the official Winter Project saddle because it cost more than the bike is worth. Don’t do the bartape though, that’s gross. And for Godsakes keep the corks in your wine bottles and away from your Raleigh.

(Hey Philly people-Do you ever notice how many bikes come out of Yardley?)
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