Bike Down, Man Up

Oct 29 2015

“so i got the squeeze on 3rd ave today and got my bike and leg run over by an access-a-ride bus.. my bike is toast but my leg is relatively okay. sign to stop riding track bikes for work after 7 years? who knows..”

After identifying his co-worker, Ben almost ended up being a gory NY Post article. We’re waiting on pictures of the damage. The feeling you get as the squeeze starts is terrifying, because there’s no way you can stop whats happening. You know in that movie Star Wars that people like, about the space aliens, when they’re stuck in the trash compactor, and they’re all bugging. Its like that in your head.

(Gary Knight has a Post article with a picture of a messenger stuck, suspended in the air, between two MTA buses, he lived too. Not everyone is so lucky. I’ll try to get a flick today, he has it framed.)

Send posi vibes and be glad you’re alive.