Oct 23 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 9.58.19 AM
Stefan took this picture of the team after a night ride from Chinatown to Germantown through North Philly back in 2008. Check the bikes-all fresh Italian Steel with conjunctions. No half-stepping. Masi, Pogliaghi, Rauler, Benotto, Pinarello, Badalucco, Guerciotti etc.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming back.

I wasn’t sure about the decision to start doing this again. The things I was thinking in 2010 aren’t the same as the things I’m thinking in 2015. When we stopped in 2013 I was sure that this website would just fade away. After we shut down interest in vintage steel bikes fell off, craigslist dried up, eBay was full of inflated prices, not really much to get excited about. I’m not saying that’s because Landlords shut down, I just think there was a “vintage steel” bubble inflating at that time and it popped right after we did.

When I started toying with the idea of bringing it back I was worried that because I enjoy riding bikes more than talking about them, or looking at pictures of them- this wouldn’t work. I haven’t had the problem. It feels the same I think, maybe a little evolved. It’s not complete with out Dan, but I’m doing my best to hold it down with the support of our team.

Locally, the constant parade of Columbus tubed bikes on Craigslist is over. Thankfully the prices on eBay have dropped and there’s an unending supply of bikes posted there. Maybe things on the blog will be more rider based now. I can’t say, a lot of it depends on what is submitted and what happens in the world. Its nice to look back at how things were, but it seems just as important to focus on what’s happening now.

Keep sending in pictures.

Thanks again.

(here’s a personal email for me, still haven’t gotten the info email back up: timothyw01@gmail.com)