Bob Jackson Trike

Oct 19 2015



I don’t really know anything about trikes. This thing is cool to look at though. Bob Jackson shop is putting out no garbage. I assembled one once that came from Franklin Bike Works, lots of chains and wires and stuff. Do you ride these type of things downhill? I imagine lots of falling around corners and you have one more tire that can get flat. I guess this works well in a downtown kind of situation. Or one of those group rides where you go 150miles at 5mph. Or the 5 boro ride and you have a case of beer stored on the back somehow. Or wait, perfect-o, that group ride where you dress up in Old Tymee Victorian looking vests and pants and hats and go to pubs. Remember Danlord posted the picture of the one dude with that rope wrapped around his torso? If you dress up full steampunk and ride this I’ll give you props. With the top hat though, no half stepping with a brain basket.

If you’d like to see more it was on central NJ craigslist with a lot of pictures. Computer magic will bring you there.


Exactly what I pictured-from the Tricycle Association. Looks like you hang your leg on the top tube and lean into the corner to balance the third wheel.