Approved Track

Oct 19 2015

Don’t worry, there’s still cool track bikes.
Standard, super messenger. You have to be a top tier messenger to ride this. Those decals will be gone in days, take pictures.

Very fresh Faggin. This is NOS, kind of shame to put NOS on the street, but then again, who really cares? I never had a new bike frame working. always had something that had been used on the track or was some other messenger’s or was salvaged etc. That’s wrong, maybe I had a new Murray hybrid the first day. That died in a week.

I want this bike, it matches my Dandrea perfect. Perfect level of beatness, proper “champagne” color (I think from the photo), columbus sticker dogged/flaking, going to falll off after the first day. Nice drop on that stem. Remember the Altar? Donations accepted again, which brings me to Culture Shock. Which I’ll have to tell you about before its gone. And the first incarnation will be gone soon. Believe dat fool.



I just put this 1937 Hetchins Curly on here for Simon. Yo Simon!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.39.02 PM
Oh, and if you think I can’t get behind new stuff, look at me, the target demographic for this new, fresh steel look listed in the “urban” section not the “track” section.

Hey what’s up with “Urban Cycling”? Are there still 5 magazines about it? Gimme a break dude. Is there an “Urban Commuter” specific magazine, so I can know what kind of bespoke pants to wear when its 52 degrees with a slight mist. Please make sure they are ethically sourced.