Saturday Selekter

Oct 17 2015



I quit riding track bikes in 2007. It had reached critical mass(get it?) in NYC and I did not want to be seen as a part of it.

You know how vain I am right? /s

Actually there was one specific time I was riding down Second Avenue going home after the movies with my then girlfriend/now wife. A squad of fixie type non-messengers swarmed around us and started talking, asking me about me bike. Like “yo nerd, I’m on a date.” They all looked so busted to me, they all had shitty bikes. They all were wack as fuck. It bummed me out so much. No offense.

There was a time period in NYC if you saw anyone on a track bike it was massive respect, like you stopped and talked to each other and were generally happy to see someone with the same backwards interest as you. All fresh Italian Steel! Pedestrians would give you props at the light. “Fixed gear, respect.”

So that great part was over, and the new wack part had begun. And I said “later.” That’s all changed now. Looks like the “fixie” era has kicked the bucket, thankfully.

So anyway:

To solve my problem Danlord passed down this bike to me. Its like an anti-fixie. No faux-messenger is looking at this shit and thinking “Yes!”

Its a 1950’s schwinn with trick steering. The trick is sometimes the bars turn and the wheel doesn’t. If you want to stop you can use the coaster brake but I its easier to just crash. I rode around on it a lot at 4mph listening to Screaming Target on an iPod. So here you go: