Do they dare enter the cave of eBay?

Oct 16 2015

They Dare:

I bought a pair of old sidi MTB shoes(they were described as parrot color), borrowed Nate’s Kona, and went into the woods. Through my research I have discovered 22 year old mtb shoes do not hold up well in the elements. But if you want to buy them and walk around the mall, I think its really cool.

What a great bike. Super Granola. Check out that suspension stem. I saw some dudes in Philly have a kickstarter for a suspension stem. It does not look as cool as this one. Check out this trick: I think that fork is bent. Now look at it forever and tell me its not.

I can’t get enough of Colnagos. New ones, old ones, whatever. I’ve owned one, for a couple weeks. I bought a beatup frame, fork and from this bike thief, I don’t even know if he was a bike thief actually, we just called him that, “The Bike Thief”. I’m sure he was salvaging a lot of the stuff cleaning out apartments and stuff. I think that’s how he held down the basement- He had a secret bike storage room in the basement of my Norfolk St. apartment building. He would chill down there with some other dudes listening to Salsa super loud. I went down there with him once and there were just wheels everywhere, and smashed up bikes. A couple milk crates to sit on, and a radio. Some cups, an ashtray and some bottles on a table. One time he was coming through the door carrying a beatup white Colnago frame with Gios Torino pantographed super record cranks on it. I told him I’d give him $20 for it, he said $50, so I ran upstairs and grabbed the cash. It was pretty mashed up but in that awesome Colnago way. Chipped paint with chrome sticking out, destroyed decals, the white paint was looking tan with yellow highlights. I sold it on eBay for not much. The photo for the ad was Kenji holding up the frame and a beer. Real high post marketing. The cranks went for way more.


I may have posted this before. But its so fresh so who cares? Can you imagine the guys in the airbrush studio lacing up the bald eagle and the mountains. Taping out and stenciling the “evolution” to get that fade. Working for hours to get the clouds right with the club logo and the pink. There’s a slight symmetric imperfection in the fade inside the club. Brings a tear to my eye. Same art department that brings you all those crazy decor.

You know when old heads diss some shit and call it Mickey Mouse? These bar wraps are still great.