State of the Craigslist Address

Oct 14 2015

Craigslist sucks. Do people buy anything off of it? Like ever?

Here’s some bikes I found on it.





2 nice Mondonicos from 2 different era’s. That’s a good start right? This is the type of guy you should ask “what else do you have?” when you contact him.








If you’re into 80’s BMX bikes there’s plenty. To list one you need to have a digital camera from 2004 and a hatred for resolution and focus. To buy one you need about an ounce and a half.

Some guy builds a replica Saeco Cipo bike and tells his wife he’s going to sell it on Craigslist. Good luck. At least you tried.

(Obviously this guy knows no one is ever going to buy this bike, but he can show his wife the ad with all of his historic component notations.)

Note: To really be accurate you’d have to get Ugo DeRosa to build you a frame, then stick cannondale stickers on it. So it’s not really a replica. Sorry. Good job on the stem.

Look this Basso looks like A Gios and the bartape is zebra striped. Wacky.

I’ll grab my pressure washer.

Here’s an english bike with zebra tape. Pretty flashy for an Englishman. The guy who made the ad said he was super into the bartape. To each his own I guess.

Here’s a standard. What’s craigslist without a cobwebby Bottechia?

60’s coppi.

haha, whatever. I mean I’m sorry about your Iguana and all. Good luck.

You ever try to ride a bike with a camera like that? I think there’s a rule in the Hamburger Eyes guide book against this sort of thing. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m sure it feels awesome to ride around with your camera smashing between your bars and your chest. See how much I’ve matured? I’m really considering all the angles.

Nissan City Bike. I’m into this because I live in North Philly and I like Nissans ok? Remember when we learned that Nissan manufactured Matsuri? Exciting times.

I just don’t get modern cinelli. Forget the bike-I do like how organized this dude is with his bikes and t-shirts hung up. Also he has a bedframe and Kurt Kinetic trainer. I’m a Tacx man myself, no disrespect to Kurt. I’m really impressed with how clean that floor is too. Nice garage or whatever that is. It appears you can also fit a table and some stuff wrapped in moving blankets in the space, and I think there’s some medals in there in a frame. It will look better after he sells the bike.

Look at this counterfeit Pinarello. Its cool he’s selling it that way. “Replica”. Interestingly enough this bike was listed a day after the new Bicycling magazine with the article about counterfeit Venges came out.

some poetry you get when you’ve reached the end