Roma Update

Apr 21 2013

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“Lots of 80s Italian MTBs, and yeah its as bad as you think with companies getting bought out, weird to see Frejus and Bottechia here looking like walmart bikes. Theres a pretty big bike flea market at the Porta Portese mostly filled with dudes spray painting stolen bikes, but there are a few nice road bikes built with campy. The guy wanted about 350 euro for the Lazzaretti but its gone now, 500 euro for the Colnago but it was built up with Shimano, 250 euro for the Messina, and 250 euro for the Liberati which has some Campagnolo parts but Sakae cranks Im thinking of trying to bring that home let me know what you think. Crazy graffiti all over, even some by friends from Philly, its mostly shitty but the subways are bombed. Tons of Ofmega everywhere. Enjoy. ”
Jack C