Esher Sighting

Apr 01 2013

Here’s a picture I have of a Sick of it All show at City Gardens. Esher’s head is visible behind the stagediving Lou Hawk.

Also just to remind you, you could not have hung in the pit.

(I think the funniest parts of this picture are the expressions on the bands’ face. You rarely see a picture of a hardcore band where the band is watching the crowd more than the crowd is watching the band. I’m guessing he went off the monitor and squashed 2 or 3 suburbanites.


maybe he walked on heads from the back…I was thinking about “walking on heads.” In the early 90’s, while Lollapalooza and Grunge music were co-opting slam dancing and stagediving, replacing them with pushing and crowd surfing,east coast hardcore music was pushing in a more violent direction replacing skanking and stagediving with kickboxing, back flips off monitors, and walking on heads from the back of the crowd to the stage with an occasional “wall of death” thrown in to clear out the influx of alternative fans into the previously secret hardcore scene. I think the reason for the escalation of violence was directly related to the view of alternative fans as outsiders and interlopers. The indiscriminate violence often landed on the head of the uninitiated.)