Info Mailbox is No Longer Full

Jan 22 2013

Our info mailbox is no longer full. Apologies to the back log of email senders and Canadian Pharmacies spammers.

Unrelated-Please excuse the technical difficulties on the site, there was some hackery going on on our website and things got fucked up on the upgrade.

We’ll be fixing the tedious image linking soon. (currently if you click an image it takes you to another page. Click the image again to enlarge, if you can. I know, tedious)

Tristan L snuck in the first two Delivery Confirmation Pictures:

2013-01-02 00.31.03

2013-01-09 16.42.35 (2)

“I ordered the poster for my home work space (not pictured), and ended up getting your book for Christmas from my wife! I have so much Landlords material, I’ll probably have to give some to Brian Q. Attached are flicks of the poster at the NYC ‘Citibike’ HQ, and the haul I pulled out of my book delivery. I can’t find the picture of the poster up at our bootleg shop in Montreal, but I’ve been told its there. Anyway, thanks for all the sweet, sweet stuff. Loved the book.”