For Sale Department:

Jan 21 2013

Matteo has some friends selling more Italian bikes:



(Flag Decals match up with ours nicely)
“vendo bellissimo telaio da corsa LOSA, prodotto per il parmense Del Sante taglia 61, tubi columbus, passo italiano, รจ perfetto se non un piccolo segno in zona manettino cambo destro”




“This is an Ortelli bike from the sixties.The owner told me that he ordered directly from the man himself back in the days,and he has now decided to part with it,because he feels more attached to a cheap Merckx bike he used to ride around.Bike is in as found conditions as you can tell from the pix,this means dust,old grease,dirt and all that good stuff you can get over the years residing inside a garage.Bike has scratches and oxydated spots,but its solid and straight.There are openc C shifters,campy three pcs front hub,meanwhile the rear one could be a gnutti,according to the skewer.Modern suntour front der,and campagnolo steel der on the back.Please notice the super cool brake bridge and chainstay bridge treatment,along with the cinelli style seatlug with the CICLO ORTELLI script inside the oval cutout.Also notice the brazed on shifter bosses.Im not sure about the color,but decals can be purchased from panciroli,in reggio emilia,and Mr.Ortelli himsell,is s till around,and willing to help,if you happen to own one of his bikes.I believe that used to have the painted -on type decals though.Bars are TTT ,just like the stem.TTT adjustable seatpost with an unknown saddle.I will include a steel campagnolo headset in pefect conditions,as the one that is on now,will be kept by the son in law of the current owner.I would suggest a total disassembling of the bike,and treat the frame with either evaporust or oxalyc acid,to remove all forms of oxydations.There will be an extra camapgnolo rear hub included.