Secret Transcripts of Lance A/George WB MTB ride

Jan 16 2013


Anyone that thinks a triathlete from Texas masterminded this world wide conspiracy really needs a reality check. Lance is just a pawn in the UCI’s dirty game-and now he’s snitching.

Also I blame this guy and trek the most:
Remember OLN had him on their 2000’s announcing squad to dumb it down to your average slob and hype up Lance endlessly? We do.

I can remember one instance where this guy was wasting precious tour commentary time on a story about how he went to a bike store on Long Island and asked where the Treks were-he got visibly agitated in the telling of the story when the bike store employee told him they only sold good bikes, and then proceeded to go on a rant about how if Lance rides them they must be good.

(Also: Phil Ligget knew or he’s dumb, it comes down to that.)