On the Stand @ Chill Cycle: The Freeway Bike

Jan 08 2013

The Freeway bike has been out of service for a while but I just got it up on the stand to give it some new life. I found this thing on the street, its super old, it has that tophat Schwinn logo on the seat tube. It was just leaning up against a fence with flat tires and no seat, probly sitting in a basement for decades. I gave it to Tim years ago and he rode it around NY for a while, now it will retire as a Germantown errand ride. I hope I run into Freeway in front of the Mosque and get to show him the bike we named after him, Early!
(in 2007, when I quit being a messenger, and quit riding my track bike, I just rode this thing around as slow as humanly possible. I suggest anyone that wants to quit riding track bikes make a similar move. When every F.A.M. is trying to go fast the best thing you can do is, in the words of Dreddy Merckx, “Take it Slow!”)