Kangaroo Comix

Nov 24 2012

This and others like it are apparently taped to the wall of Kangaroo Couriers here in Philly, We don’t know who did them……Brandon sent them in, thanks!

Mike Ferrin drew these. I might still have a couple there too. 2005? or so we had the drawing squad. ENCE was there, Mike F, Taarna Grimsley (now holding it down crust style in Southeast Asia) and me, oh and this 19 year old kid Brandon that was always leaving to go do a medical study. It was so dead that’s all we’d do was draw. I was a drunk old messenger. Trying to get everyone to draw. We had talked about putting a drawings on manifest show together but never got around to it.
Owner Jack would chip in for wine every Friday and leave the keys with us to get trashed in the basement near 20th an ionic. Good party haze mayhem times.
-John B