stolen zo

Nov 08 2012

“My bag was stolen out of my car at the Alemany Flea Market (11/4/12)!!! SF people please keep your eyes peeled!

Erik recently fixed it up and replaced the reflective strap (it’s not the usual clear covered tape one commonly found on the older ones). My name is written on the inside of the bag (Jordan) One of the buckles is broken, the strap is frayed, and the pen pocket is starting to tear away. It had a black shoulder pad on it at the time as well.

This was my daily bag! I used this thing for EVERYTHING (groceries, work materials, I would even carry my dog in it on bike rides!). I’m beyond bummed that this thing got swiped. It had so much sentimental value to me! I don’t really even give a fuck about what was inside the bag (camera, north face, markers, sun glasses, etc)… I just want my bag back!!!”
Get Jordan his bag back so he can walk his dog again.
Does this sound like random crackhead crime or targeted Zo bag collector crime?
Hold your zo products tight.