Detroit: Pino City

Nov 04 2012

After our Pino/Detroit mention both Alex S and Michael F pulled some files!

“I know the guy who has that Pino tandem… he has a collection of bikes that borders on insanity. That tandem will be a hard sell. It been listed on and off for a couple of years.

There is a shop in the area “Kinetic Systems” where Pino used to reside, and the owner, Jeff is hoarding a collection of his shit upstairs.

I knew Pino when I was a teen back in the 80’s. He would hang out at local races and let people try his wheels, talk tech in a crazy old man italian accent… I wish I would have listened to more of it!

I remember one time he was grilling italian sausages at Dorais velodrome. My mom saw him peeing in the bushes and go right back to serving them up, no big deal, eh?. He was awesome.”
Alex S

“These two are ostensibly Pino Morroni built. I don’t know what’s happening with the red, flat-bar bike.
That being said, the Burgundy/Maroon bike has what appears to be the Triple Nut Hubs by Pino. You may have seen them on the CR page (photos attached.)
I can’t make out the headtube decal and the red bike must be a repaint.
Posted from outside Detroit which makes sense. I’m tempted to go look at these for the sake of documentation.
$3,500 though? fuck.”
Michael F