Swap Recap

Oct 31 2012

We weren’t bringing anything back to Chill Cycle, hopefully someone grabbed this.

I gave Sterling these Bianchi’s hopefully they found a home…

Landlords Dumpster top Bike Church was set up for getting right with the cycling Gods!

Converts paying their respects and shedding their bike karma for the upcoming year.

The Historic Handoff!

Esher Handed off the Philli/Chinelli to Frankie for the upcoming year. The bike will go from being ridden to union carpentry jobs to being ridden in circles around Lehigh Valley Velodrome.

Big thanks to our hosts Harry and Isaac for throwing a stellar event even though most people were hiding from the hurricane that wasn’t there. Also big thanks to everyone who came through and copped a paper shrine to further their spiritual practice at home or on the go…..till next year……