Brian SF Update

Oct 12 2012

Brian SF is moving. Here’s his two track frames hanging up as his apartment empties out, and his shit is put in boxes.

“two useless track frames hanging off a totally empty bookcase. the pink frame is a cheap ass japanese “maruishi” with track ends, a road fork, relaxed geometry and drilled front and back for brakes. it was my first track frame, in 2000 – bought the bike complete for $200 and a handful of vicodin from {censored}. {censored} was mad at him for cutting me such a deal. i could never get rid of this frame, mostly because it is shitty compared to anything “real” and i could never make a profit but also for sentimental values. the blue frame is my old chesini. both should really get into the permanent collection at some point if you guys will have them.”
could you guys believe that 2000 was almost 13 years ago?!! I’m still trying to remember what happened. So wait does that mean 97 was 16 years ago. Damn dude. Landlords.

52 teeth. pretty big. I’m a 50×18 on the street guy. 52 is Esher territory or on the velodrome.