Campag Rack

Oct 07 2012

NOTE: Not to be confused with a spot where one can shoplift Campy

(check out that beardo in the backseat, he’s clearly rolling a joint.)!

(For a second I thought this was Gary Knight)

You know when you’re at the bike swap and you ask a vendor a question and the answer you get sounds like this: “the front section of the rack will hold 2 complete bikes with “race ready” style side mounts which hold the bikes on the outside portion of the rack with quick release mounts so they can be taken down in seconds for bike changes. it also will hold 4 bikes with just the front wheel removed and 8 front wheels and 2 rear wheels. the rear portion of the rack holds 8 rear wheels and 6 front wheels. all of the wheel mounts use campagnolo dropouts and the rear dropouts are spaced for 128mm but since the rack is chromoly, you could easily respace them for 130mm.”

-Peter of the LA GS spotted this custom chromoly Campagnolo roof rack on LA CL