Stolen CL

Sep 13 2012

No not the BMX bikes, but the dudes that got their shit stole.
Taste their misery and keep your shit safe.

I think bike thieves love Scattantes for the same reasons we hate them.

This bike also looks very valued to a bike thief, because it sucks.

In the suburbs people don’t lock up, and if they do its with one of those wire locks. Sucks.

I can’t believe thieves would take a bike with gears. You know how they love “fixies” as much as art students.

More geared thievery.

When these ads pop up the CL community goes crazy. What’s missing is the follow up post where the guy posting the first ad is accused of being the “scumbag” that stole the bike to begin with.

ooof. ugly pro job.

Besides “fixies”, it seems bike thieves love jamis bikes.

The reward is worth 150 more than the bike.

“12th street gym” and “shaft” in the same craigslist ad and its not about gay hookers.

cross season is coming up I guess.