Rock Against Racism ’88-NYC

Sep 09 2012

Campy hats traverse race and time identifying cool Motherfuckers everywhere…..
from: Lil Bro Ben (screengrab from Rock Against Racism during Nausea’s set, Squat or Rot!)
(plus points for the Missing Foundation t-shirt-Party’s Over motherfuckers. More direct connect between the messengers and the crust. These dudes were bombing shit with inflammatory pentagram graffiti and literally burning trees and cars to keep out the yuppies-oops, plan failed. Shit man, this is all related to much more you dudes can’t know about, you just have to know.)

Super Shout Out-Lord Mynok: A REAL FUCKING HOMIE. Pinarello track bike, C-Squat, Tagger and cool as shit.