Saturday Matinee

Sep 08 2012

If you’re anything like us you probably wore out the grooves on this 7″.
Looking back-This song had a lot of style cues from or for NY messengers.
“We wore chains around our waists and construction gloves” the most stand out example of direct crossover between hardcore and messengers of the era.
Its surely handbook material from a far rougher time.
Though I’m pretty sure most messengers in the 80’s were chilling in Washington Square and not Thompkins-for two reasons:
1)Tent City
2) No fucking jobs on the lower east side-that’s for sure.
That’s right-No streetwear graphic fashion design firms, just squatters and dope.

But anyway, apply these lyrics now to current F.A.M.’s:
They played the part
And they wore the right clothes
But they didn’t know What the fuck it meant
And I see it today My backstabbing brothers
Believeing the lies That they’re telling each other
And I know I’ll be here When they’re gone

(Yeah I guess I’m getting amped for the Revelation show in October. I’m only going on the Youth of Today night-catch me there old friends. Its as close to a high school reunion as I could ever imagine attending. Hopefully my riding schedule will let me hang up front for the good shit)