GS — Madrid

Aug 27 2012

Piter M joined the club with three cat. 4 climbs and 1 cat. 3

Good show Piter, welcome.

I mean geez, for riding members, Spain has joined the GS before Italy. Huh.

For the European record, to my knowledge, unless I’m missing somebody, we have:
2 members in Copenhagen
2 members in London
and now one in Madrid

Our sport group currently contains only urban riders. Its intentional or unintentional, I don’t know.

We’re “bike messenger-graffiti mother fuckers“-so I guess that’s why.

But anyway-rep your clique.

We appreciate all bike riding.

and want to see how you get down in your city or town.

Or if you live in a cabin on a mountain its cool too.

Here’s the five hardest repped cities in the GS:
Philly (Homebase, the actual base lays halfway between the tigris and euphrates, in an NWP zone called Happy Hollow)
New York City (second Homebase, mecca etc. )
San Francisco (West Side Homebase, this is where most of our contributors and brethren reside. )
Los Angeles (They got beaches, and tall sandy hills, one is called Trash Truck. This is where the Landlords Bike shop was in Museum.)
Copenhagen-Thue and Whatever ride a lot-on fixed gears.