Thule Craigslist Massacre

Aug 11 2012

Before I took my one week from Landlords Cycling I wanted to get 2 Thule trays off Craigslist.

To make a long story short some real cool, totally straight forward and not shitty at all type of guy on craigslist sold me a complete thule rack system for an ok price.

He included a set of keys for the feet, but not one for the locks on the trays.

I didn’t need the rails, I don’t have a 753 or a saab.

When I finally figured out that codes didn’t match on the keys and locks I contacted the seller who told me that he didn’t have the keys but Thule could send me a replacement set.

Yeah but not in a day you dick.

So anyway-Thule sells replacement locks-But to take out your old lock it needs to be unlocked.

And I couldn’t unlock mine because this fine gentleman didn’t give me the keys.

I kind of hate craigslist for this reason.-I can’t leave feedback for bad CL sales.

I did my internet research and there were some poor instructions on how to drill out a Thule lock. (They don’t work.)

(You can drill out this much, like me, and it still won’t come out.)

I took them to a locksmith the next morning after my aggro drilling session-and he couldn’t get the undrilled lock open. He managed to pop the one I drilled out and told me he was leaving for a week.

I asked him to tell me the right place to drill and he did.

I went home and drilled semi-correctly and had the lock out in 5 minutes.

Got the new locks in-no problems after that.

It took me 2 days, 2 trips to different Suburbs EMS’s, and a visit to a crabby locksmith to save 100 dollars.

At least I learned how to drill Thule locks out.

(Oh and if you want rails and a fairing for a early 2000’s 753 or some kind of saab I’ll sell them. I guess I’ll put them together before I say that. They could be missing stuff, I didn’t check yet)