Rocky X

Jul 14 2012

67’s OG Rocky shirt, designed by Lambrose, printed by the Turk, photo: JBensonFong

The same day as Silvester Stallone’s son OD’d, Sterling and Daily threw rocky 10, the 10th installment of the Rocky alleycat race. The race was started in 1997 by ME!, and it’s still going strong,(obviosly not too strong cause they only had 10 races in 15 years) but none the less, we prevail! Afterparty had Big Brad on the 1’s and 2’s Wo-Tang on the grill and the derel couriers chillin! more to come…..Shout to Cory, Fernando, 67, Big Brad, WOJO, especially Jorge and Daily, all the participators and wierdos, fuck yea!

(according to me and nemel we won in 97-but there was a missed signature or something lame. Jesse was the runner and I was the sprinter. check the records. it was heavily disputed. There was a lot of whining, arguing and crying from certain forgotten types.)