Copenhagen Report

Jul 11 2012

2 of us went to Copenhagen for non-Landlords related biz, here’s some stuff we saw in perhaps the most bicycle friendly place in the world…

LewBlum mobbing w/ DeMartini bag and rare Cinelli suitcase…

This thing had a full DJ setup on the handlebars, once this guy saw that we were feeling him, he parked the bike in our direction and threw down a thorough techno set, respect…

Homemade bike rack in Christiania

Serious period piece, FS Marin w/ Manitou 3,& Magura hydrolic brakes, a choice piece!

Reused (stolen) bikes: Someone told me there are twice as many bike in Denmark as people, any train station has piles of abandon bikes waiting to be liberated. We “reused” about 7 bikes while we were there, by the end of the trip I think we were down to 1.

The best bike, the Christiania bike….

Nighttime street finds

Met some Belgian homies that were about to ride these bikes back home….to Belgium!!!