Copenhagen to Amsterdam

Jul 09 2012

The time is (almost) now!
A year has passed since we biked from Århus, Denmark to Berlin,
Germany and it has indeed become time to do one more great tour in to
the great beyond this time from Copenhagen, Denmark to Amsterdam,
Netherlands, we are setting off Monday 9th of July and expect to hit
Amsterdam Sunday with an average of 120km a day. We are going all out
grant touring style with a support car to haul all our backs and
tents, the peloton is made up of the 8 chosen ones and we are going to
take one day each as “Director sportif” in the car. We will upload to
Strava as much as possible. As always there is no shitty commercial
side to this tour, each guy put down 365$ of his own cash to make this
happen. The only shout out I would like to give is to my old man for
letting us borrow his old car for 10 days, so we can save the cost of
a rental.
Best regards Whatever