Jun 30 2012

Shout out to mid 90’s AE dispatcher Robert(RIP) and riders. I can’t remember how long I worked there but I think my early employers were:

1995 (straight edge, center city Philadelphia )-
Ridgeways Rolls all day probably better paying than everything up to One Hour.

Kangaroo Shout out to Walker Kenny and Walker Kebin, who hooked up my wrists in a squat in Mantua, hanging out on 20th and Samson…I can’t remember why I left, oh yeah I tried to drive for 2 weeks and it sucked shit.

American Ex Robert RIP, Shout out to Tony Pointless who sold me two schwinn touring bikes for 100. (There’s this whole other direction this could go in to explain Landlords. I was into straight edge hard core, posi youth crew music and Tony was a crusty, squat or rot, type punker…normally this is like oil and water but we briefly bonded over bikes. Unity dude.)

One HourI had a good daily run that made this $ making. I lost it when I went to NY. I liked it because it was smaller and Slacker worked there, so I thought it was better than amex. Oh super good crew before I left: LB, Guza, Jonah, Rocco, Jon, Nemel (at 15 or 16 or something), Shout out to Megan and Matt)

1997(not straight edge + I lived all the way out in Flushing on Kissena Blvd. The velodrome was weeds and broken glass BTW )

Breakaway nyc messenger clearing house. Run by an ex-messenger/cyclist. Huge. They put ads in the paper for riders so you know its a rookie hiring spot. You had to sit down with 4 other hires and the owner who told you how fast and awesome he was, and that you should wear a helmet and watch for doors. Than he asked what we were riding and the kid next to me goes “Only Italian Steel Baby!” for real. Oh and the Jamaicans rolled in without gloves in January, and I was like woah, this is for real.

1998(straight edge again? sure lets give it a try. West Philadelphia, 4518.)

Time Cycle (we’ve been discussing that)

2000(totally not straight edge-Stewart Avenue, Avenue C, Hester, E 21st)

Calvary Another messenger owned company. I think he was on 60 minutes for being the fastest messenger in NY in 83. Esher and Serge worked there too, before me. I used them as references and they still gave me the job. I was to derel and differently interested to last and keep sleeping late and missing calls. But this was way more of a legit feeling, small company. Bounced around for a couple months before getting a busboy job that turned in to waiter job that turned into me wanting to get back on the street. Turned out arguing with regulars about the size of their Kale portion was worse for me than getting brutalized by the streets and the elements.

Nov 2001 (unbelievably not straight edge-Ave B to Norfolk to Broome)
2 months after WTC attacks, which toned the following years, paranoid office fucks, random bag checks, and broke motherfuckers everywhere.

-INHOUSE 4EVUH.7 years of deep journey. 12 hour(base usually more like 13 or 14) shifts including holidays—-

I thought I was done with bikes by 2001. Yeah right.

For note I’d say I’m moderately straight edge sometimes now haha.

I just thought I would include this information to highlight the fact that when you’re 20 you will soberly ride your track bike in all ice/hail/sleet/snow storms with super shitty gear and be siked.

But man it starts to wear on you after the first 4 or 5 winters/springs.

(Can you imagine trying to fill out a civilian job application to get out of it with this job history? That messenger joke about changing your underwear as much as you change companies doesn’t work well when you’re trying to get a restaurant or retail job-thats for sure. So to get the busboy job at Angelica Kitchen I asked cread to change his home answering machine to say “Thank you for calling the Continental, we’re currently out of the office…etc”. And they did call it to check my references. All good- got the job. Thanks cread. )

Robert RIP