While We’re Talking About Designer Bikes

Jun 21 2012

This Gucci Bianchi Psuedo Fixie City Bike is a lot nicer than that Louis Vitton Bike Polo Crab Bike. Can’t find any details on where its manufactured, I’m assuming China. No lugs? oooooops. The Louis bike I believe is handmade in France with lugged construction, though I could be making that up.

I guess the gloves would be cool if they didn’t say Bianchi on them and that helicopter pilot helmet is pretty funny looking too, unless you’re flying a fashion chopper in Viet Nam.

Still better than LV-that shit is designed for Bike Polo, the lowest of all Neu Bike Dork sports. I wonder who sold them on that? Someone needs a job re-alignment.

Advantage: Italy

(the aptly titled pinarello diesel “Only The Brave” bike is probably the worst of the 4.Only the bravest dork would ride that thing around)