New Logo-New Color

Jun 13 2012

With the update of our logo, I thought offer an explanation….Our old logo had 4 flags representing the nationalities of the 4 founding members of the Landlords Cycling Club. Over time I began to realize that these “colors” only represented a nationalist agenda, and we as a club want nothing to do with the confines of one country, race, continent, or planet! The Landlords Cycling Club represents our brand of cycling for the universe and all the cosmos! While our new logo still has flags, this updated set of flags represents the 4 pillars of cycling innovation (when we speak of innovation, we speak of craftsmanship, style, music, diet, design, etc.) as we see it. The Italian flag is for beautiful Italia, birthplace of cycling and home of the most beautiful bicycles and components in the world. The British flag represents England. Home to many great framebuilders and bicycles, most notably the “touring bicycle” and the “pathracer”. England is also responsible for cultivating many cross-pollinated styles including the “rudeboy”, which has direct links to the modern day Landlord. Thirdly we have chosen the Jamaican flag to represent Reggae music, and the strong Caribbean influence on modern urban cycling culture. Lastly the iconic American flag. The Landlords are truly an American institution as are many of our main influences, coastal America has created a global phenomenon with the resurgence of cycling culture, and the Landlords will see that every attempt is made to steer it in the right direction by any means necessary. Lastly we have added an alternating “Giro” pink background to go with our original “Tour” yellow look. While we don’t have much in common with modern day bike racing and the babylonian customs and competitive natures that come with it, we recognize and draw influence from these long standing customs.
We hope this information serves you well and sheds some light on the lineage of The great Landlords Cycling Club. Peace from Germantown……