Jun 13 2012

This is just an interesting CL photo of a home office and a guy with one of those walz cycling caps on. I think they’re selling the bike, but I bet the painting of the dude is probably for sale too.
(does that guy even have pantson?)

I never had a themed bike before.

The pussy wagon

Not really. I mean what does that even mean.

Oh Mike got the pussy wagon for the landlords stable. I think he sanded it off already. Apparently the name originates from one of those mid-2000’s kung fu revival movies.

Here’s a new one from Peter in LA-

what’s the deal with this guy’s socks and his oversize sweatpants, doesn’t this guy live at the beach?

This guy most have gone to one of those Performance How-To Clinics for hooking up your Scattante-Wait look where the brakes are!