Jun 12 2012


Sorry to even highlight or give this site any traffic, but you gotta see this shit…..My man, I know, I know, there is a trend going on and apparently you aren’t involved, but all the homophobia and ranting you got going on on this site is just crazy! I mean even the kookiest kook on the junkiest conversion fix is still riding a bike. Here at Landlords we provide important info and let the reader make an informed decision, it’s the posi way that we learned as posi youth!
This site is just straight hating, what about a site called www.killalljocksteriodhummerdrivinghairgelcreepygoons.com that might serve us all better. And remember, to a jock or some other lame, everyone on a bike is a vegan queer, bottom line is “We gotta stick together like glue!!”
Lead by example and help cycling return to it’s golden age!