Its Here.

Jun 11 2012

I’m going to drop the Pinarello off today. I feel like I should have some kind of farewell ceremony for it.

Its last ride was Saturday, an 87mi Happy Hollow-New Hope-Trenton-Bristol-Mayfair-Logan-Happy Hollow ride with GS members Nate and Tim G-and then we picked up Dan and Micah for the Second Leg featuring paths, trespassing, landfills, and neighborhoods.

Micah and Dan had ridden down touring style the night before and camped down river- We randomly met them halfway across the bridge between New Hope and Lambertville. This unplanned over water and state boundaries meeting of the GS was enough to alter everybody’s trip as we reconvened over espresso and mushed up sandwiches hosted by some guy in a Dead Milkmen shirt.

We decided to push it home as a team.

(for the record Dan was pulling a trailer filled with camping supplies on a single speed setup MKII from the 50’s, and led the line more than a few times-And Micah held it down on his Pinarello CX)

(-Lower Mountain Road was my favorite part of the ride)