Sport Group News:

Jun 05 2012

Thue, Whatever, Bill B, Brian Q and Me all raced this weekend.

Anodized Alex, Ricardo Z and Bill B rode the Philly Int’l Cycling Classic course.

And no one is stopping.

Mat T, Anodized Alex and Peter CC are off the injury roster and riding well.

(Mat T is recovering from a lifetime of skateboarding damage to his angle.
Alex got hit by a car riding by the Phila Art Museum-he was ok though and rode back to Chestnut Hill.
Peter crashed riding MTB and got a twig in the cheek and chopped up his hand on some rocks. )

Plus Mechanics Report:
-Nate G said he broke his chain climbing Gypsy Lane.
-I tore the stitching on my right shifter finger of my gloves. Then I noticed my gloves were pretty dogged all around. Assos, send us gloves please!