Lemon Hill Roundup

Jun 05 2012

The courier community old and new converged on Lemon Hill again this year for the big bike race, I forget which greedy bank is sponsoring it these days but they didn’t set their tents up anywhere near our improvised ghetto. Big Brad set the pace again with his VIP dj tent. Brad, Tony D. and Lex held down the soundsystem and didn’t disappoint (shout to the Bad Brains song around 9:30am on volume 10 blasting the whole hill full of khaki wearing squares). Brother Bill’s spirit was everywhere as the courier community reunited again for this monumental event, oh and there was the biggest bike race in the U.S going on about 50 yards away and I think somebody won.

Trashy Colnago

67’s Shogun…..btw 67Matt is exempt from all Landlords “rules” or whatever, he is a complete original and we support and celebrate that more than any drone cornball wearing a courier outfit.

Black and white and chrome all over Bottechia

Burke “with child”

62’s Bike Line socks

Esher is in possession of the Philly Cinelli this year……reppin!

The Landlords portable bike church made it’s first public appearance, many respects were paid to the cycling gods. Get right with god my brothers!

Shout to everybody! Peace from Landlords Crew!