G.S. World

Jun 05 2012

cold and foggy day, that started with rain. I didn’t work today, and so I didn’t get outside till a little after 1. Was enjoying being outside more than going fast, so I took my time on the roads that were the most worthy of appreciating. Saw steam coming off forested roads, and fog roll up the hill sides. It was a quiet day.
-BellRinger Adam S

Peter from Coco’s sent this one in.

The only way I can explain the paint is: I guess the movies Rocky 1 and 2001 had just been released in Italy.

I like the subtle bleeds in the tape work, who ever did these cutouts definitely wasn’t on halfnod from the mornings dose of OC 80’s.

Ricardo Z sent in this eBay Rossin Matrix, its in Germany where many 59cm bikes reside.