Oakland Andrew: Bikes

Jun 02 2012

The seat and bar angles on these bikes is really embarrassing, but whatever, I was a kid, and if I remember correctly, the reasoning behind it was to be able to get lower in the drops for climbing and the seat, well, with the seat sticking that far out of the frame it kind of had to be at a dumb angle for ergonomics.

(The previously mentioned green DeRosa)

The Bottecchia was my first and that picture was taken in 1996 at the legendary messenger/skate/crackhead spot, “Hubba Hideout” which is now only a crackhead spot since they removed the stairs.
There was this messenger named Seth and he was from Texas, he rode a Miyata track bike with the same upside down mountain bike stem set up as on my Bottecchia but he didnt have any handlebars, he just held onto the stem, he used a file to grind up the stem so his hands wouldn’t slip off.

The Bob Jackson was never mine, it was my room mates, he got it off CL for 500 bucks which was about 300 more that anyone paid for a frame at the time.

The red one by the tree inside is a Raleigh Professional, it weighed a ton and must have been a straight gauge training bike. It had the thickest rear dropouts I have ever seen and they were drilled out. I think I got that from Josh PVC.