No More Schwinn Donations to LLPC

May 30 2012

We’ve had enough Schwinns in our lifetime to last a lifetime.

When you’re thinking of easy ways to pay homage to (or repay earlier disrespect done to the) Cycling Gods:

Please leave donation of your Dad’s Super Collector Item Le Tour to the Salvation Army, not the Landlords Squadron.

Paramounts too. Between all 4 squad members we’ve had like 20. We still have them shattered to pieces or intact all over the world.

Shit man, if you even knew what was sitting in our team’s basements in the no use pile gaining dust you’d shit.

Serge got a Merckx pista, Chicken Man’s guerciotti road bike, a pinarello opera, for fun.

(While at T-Town : We always make jokes about the faux-Cabbage Collective guy that shows up with the busted Merckx frames with no fork or some d-list replacement fork for $900 btw. I mean come on dude, who are you selling to? GET into stamp collecting or something.)

We can’t even tell you how many and what bikes Gary Knight got, because there’s so many.

(ONe day we’ll get a flick of his custom pista though. Just so you know Gary was getting his stuff custom built in Italy in 2006 while you were…um, well into, probably standing in line outside Bathing Ape or Supreme or whatever. Fact two, Gary pushed the pista through NP a few times this week for commute.)

I think Jesse is even stashing in the Hollow and he has the legendary unassembled Legnano frame currently.

Our upcoming Serge post should be good. Just to clear the air in terms of origins of pro skaterboarders and track bikes. (including Photographic Evidence of Serge working on the Merckx in 1998 holding a full copy box on the bars with another one in his bag.)