From Little Man’s Vault

May 30 2012

NYC race peoples
(I like the introduction handshake happening in the middle)


JT sporting Sony Sports walkman headphones and colorful vintage LO gear shot w/ film, a serious period piece here…


Me pushing the “Rootbeer” Paramount, which still stands in the LL permanent collection today, bought from the first T-Town swap I ever went to for $300 complete, I think there were 3 other messengers there. Also, if anyone has a pair of these BRIKO Stinger glasses I am wearing I will trade you a Landlords Book for them, straight up! Oh and if you have some canvas shelltops in an 11 please send them to JOSH PVC…….Ok enough of me getting all nostalgic…..

Squid and Wifey

“the bull got good balance”