Book Registry

May 30 2012

I the interest of keeping track of who bought what copy of the book I’m going to start a Book Registry.

There’s a few variants:

-Soft Cover Copies with different pages. (5)
-Soft Cover Copies with broken binding/and or missing cover/pages (3?)
-Soft Cover Copy from Video
-Soft Cover Copy on Display at ICY Sign Shop/West Philly
-Hard Cover Copy with Alternate Pages (?)
-Hardcover Copy Mailed from Hollow. (???sticker)
-Hardcover Copy Mailed from Publisher (2-no sticker inside)
-Hardcover Copies Mailed Overseas (?Japan, Australia, Germany)
-Hardcover Copy from Megawords/Philadelphia Museum of Art Store
-First Copy Sold off WebSite: Japan (I think.)

If you would like photos of you and your book to be included with the Registry please email us.

(Please include any pertinent information about your copy)

To join the list of notables that have purchased our book please visit our store.

(You’ll be recieving a hardbound copy with inner cover sticker mailed from Landlords HQ.)

(All books come with extra expansion materials)

(Bill Bought the Book. So did Mike. Thanks!)