May 28 2012

Why go through all the trouble of lighting this bike up, putting cards with a vicodin and a percocet on them in the spokes, copper plating the bike to begin with etc etc etc, and then you photograph it with the saddle positioned so your shit would get smashed up on the top tube if you went over a pothole. What gives man?

Is it just the photographer? That’s usually who you blame, or the assistant, whatever. I bet the photographer would blame the assistant. Who was in charge of this photoshoot? I mean really. This bike company couldn’t afford to send someone with the bike who could make sure the saddle angle wasn’t damaging?

The seat sucks anyway

Absolute Outrage.

Our Saddle Angle Correctness Program will never be completed.

After all of these complex bike thoughts I could use that vicodin and percocet, just to dull the outrage.

Do they deliver?