Van’D in DC….

May 19 2012

Vanderdrome is resurfacing in June in DC to raise awareness for the need of a track there or something similar….Local urban Track Bike Population in pre-cardiac arrest mode.

-EMTB Brent dropped us a note about gear ratios. Now we’d be happy to have someone explain some
Vanderdrome Specific gearing options but just for public knowledge here’s a good briefing from :

Looks like NY is getting in Indoor track too…

Philly needs an indoor Landlords one, in a warehouse in NP, holding unsanctioned 6 day races, that you bet cash on and the crowd can smoke in there, and I guess you’d need a good security staff.

We’d have the best events you know.

I guess it’s your responsibility to make it happen, there’s only so much we can do, and this year we had so many public perception issues to fix that we couldn’t spend our extra time organizing all of that.