When are they going to allow Quads on Kelly Drive Path?

May 10 2012

Are you kidding? How dangerous do you want to make the 3 miles of that path past the Art Museum?

I will now only ride bikes on Kelly Drive pre-7AM and Post 9PM, or in the winter or rain or…

(I know I quit it completely before, this is called back pedaling.)
(path update courtesy Jacob M of East Falls.)
(I am not in favor of mixed use lanes anyway.)

List of Most Dangerous People on Mixed Use Recreation Lanes.

(To start I’ll state that Out-Of-Shape 45 YO and up people in general who are re-attempting to reconnect to any physical activity are deadly.(no offense homies but when I see three 250 pound guys on MTB’s barreling down the path in pre-cardiac arrest mode wheezing “onyourleeeeffft!” at strollers I become vigilant of my lane.) I’ll go on record to state anyone that yells “on your left” at the top of their lungs is riding out of control. Also I never say “on your left” I say “excuse me” if I have to say anything. That being said lets move into activity types that are dangerous)

1)Rollerbladers-All Types of Rollerbladers are dangerous.
A.Ice Speed Skater Wannabe’s
B. Dancers
C. Don’t know how to stoppers.

2)Cross Path Slow Jogging/Middle Path Sightseeing-I know this is a mixed use Path but pick a lane and be aware of your environment.

3)Inexperienced Aggro Bike Riders

4)Joggers who think they are really fast, but are not.